JackaJay – Electric Roof Lift System

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What is JackaJay?

The JackaJay lift system is a 12V Electric Roof Lift System for all wind up Camper Trailers. 

Driven by precision linear motor drive technology, with energy efficient direct drive lift which offers outstanding dependability.

No reworking of the structure or cabinetry within your camper trailer. JackaJay fits in exactly the same place as the old winch and cable system.  Simply remove the old system and install JackaJay – The Easy Way!

The only component that is retained is the telescopic legs. 

Safety Features

JackaJay Roof Lock feature, ensuring zero movement of roof with Controller Turned off. No nasty surprises!


  • Full colour LCD 4.3 inch touch screen.
  • Fault / Obstruction detection.
  • Elimination of operator error.
  • Plug and Play Harnessing

Features & Benefits

  • 12V Electric 
  • Retrofitted to older camper trailers 
  • DIY friendly
  • Colour coded components for error-free installation
  • 5 year warranty (domestic use)
  • Live Battery Voltage monitoring.
  • Undervoltage control.

jackaJay Kit

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