GPS and Communications Hub – AU/NZ


The RVsecure GPS / Communications hub is an optional plug and play GPS and 4G system that will add tracking and communications to your RVsecure alarm system to provide you with a completely integrated security solution. There are no complex systems for you to set up or multiple providers for you to coordinate with, we have done all of the hard work for you to deliver peace of mind straight out of the box.
RVsecure GPS

Unlike other metropolitan based GPS systems that only contain miniature antennas in a little black box our system includes powerful antennas that can be positioned in the optimum location. The antennas are designed to obtain the maximum performance possible which is especially valuable if you are traveling outside of the confines of a major city.

The RVsecure GPS / Communications hub hardware is already set up to communicate directly with the powerful online RVsecure GPS tracking and alert software. All you need is a data and tracking subscription and you are ready to go.

This item is suitable for AU/NZ only

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